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Sleep Screening

The first step in the process is to have you take the Sleep Screening. This is to see if you are a candidate for the Home Sleep Test.

Home Sleep Test

The Home Sleep Test can be taken from the comfort of your very own bed! This will give us an accurate reading of how much you are sleeping at night.

Oral Appliance

The solution to getting your better night’s sleep may be as simple as an oral appliance. We take impressions for this right here in our office and get you fitted for your new appliance.
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Chiropractic Care

At 8 Dimensions, we utilize specific procedures and the most up-to-date technology to provide the highest level of care possible by objectively monitoring the presence and removal of interference to the natural healing abilities of the body.


With nutrition specifically, I believe that most of the struggles people face are behavior based, and can be solved by way of small lifestyle modifications that will add up to a large lifestyle shift. Finding an overall wellness routine is critical to lifelong health, and can be easier than you think!
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Kaia FIT

Our year-round program includes three yearly BRIKs that we believe are the cornerstones of health & fitness and can be incorporated into our daily lives. Visit Kaia Fit for more information.

Massage Therapy

Massage has been shown to reduce problems with fatigue and improve sleep quality for people in all age groups.

Orange Theory Fitness

If you are seeking a fitness studio with top notch customer service and workout that is challenging yet fun, look no further than Orangetheory Fitness in Reno, Nevada.

So, I just took home Dr. Pastrell’s sleep test. I’d been dying to know how much sleep was I really getting. I didn’t think the monitor would bother me at all. But, when I put on the mitt and set the clamp on my finger I didn’t see how I was ever going to get to sleep. I was sure my finger was going to fall off from the pressure! It didn’t. Eventually I forgot about it all, and slept great. Really great, apparently. Of the nine hours I was in bed, I was sleeping soundly eight of them, including the getting used to the whole sleep test apparatus, and getting up a couple times in the night. I’m so glad to know that my sleep is just fine.

Susan P

I clench and grind my teeth in my sleep. It was so bad that I cracked my last night guard. I used to get headaches and neck pain from this. Dr. Pastrell made me a new night guard called the RiPPLE. This one keeps my teeth from touching so I do not clench my teeth in my sleep. I’m so glad to have a solution and something that can help preserve my teeth! And be on my way to a better night’s sleep! Thanks, Dr. Pastrell!

Rebekah S

Dr. Pastrell talked to me about this new appliace to help me with sleep apnea. I’ve been told I am one of the worst people for snoring. I’ve never sleep well. But I got this appliance and it has completely changed everything about my life. I sleep all night now! When I get up in the morning I have more energy-I feel like I’m a teenager now! I don’t grind my teeth anymore. You cannot grind your teeth with this appliance. This appliance is amazing and it will change the way you sleep! My wife does not even hear me snore anymore! I get up with more energy than I have ever had!

Tim P

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